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Glass Artisan Jenifer K. Liput Drumme



Some artists find their craft and in other cases.. like mine….. it's the craft that finds it's artist., it's muse and it's transfer of being  to be the creator of it's wishes.  Living in Southern California I Grew up as a child of the light living for the fun., Modeling and beach days, snow, surfing, time in front of the camera and behind the scenes in hollywood were the keepers of my day, then along one day came glass and and introduction to the life of a serious knowledge seeker of the glass world with whom I spent my time.,  Apprenticeship by relationship, Right Hand Apprentice to Jason Harris of world class business Jerome Baker and Founder of the Eugene Glass School……Seems like thousands of hours of traveling to glass studios, factories and out of the way locations to meet and see the techniques and possibilities and get the word out for our glass school we were deep in the process of building. 

First by flow, then finally after years by my own mind I gained my footing.   I was shown glassblowing by torch put into a production scene with the finest pacific northwest glass blowers including those directly to my side who will forever hold a special place in my heart- Papa, James Cirillo, and Tom Howell.  My career really started by the introduction to me of the soft glass furnace -Which we had built and spent nights with in the glass school camped in the empty warehouse in the back of our truck with our dogs making sure the gas stayed lit.  Starting in my new home state I picked up the forms from Oregon's best to Germany's finest, around the world and to the halls of the Czech Republic to get to the grit and the sand of the history of the work and generations of passed down knowledge.

 With World Class Glass Masters by my side in all of the different studies of the art such as Hans Ittig, Carl Ittig, Sandrine De LaCroix, I began making paperweights, blowing christmas balls, and pulling cane projects for the Eugene Glass School and uroboros glass in Protland Oregon. then., swimming with possibilities I soon became in love with fusing,,then jewelry and sea glass, and finally, picked up the desire to Mix the media and use the torch that started the circle of life finishing off the trifecta of glass skills I'd been building.  my masters always in my heart for showing me the way…with names such as Joe Shoenberg, Mike Plane, Tracy Doyle, Charlie Lowery, David Townsend, Robert Michelson, and Richard La Londe., and pride in our glass showing and selling internationally and our company even winning multiple awards worldwide in the Amsterdam Glass Cup. I furthered my education constantly building on what I knew always with eyes wide open at every moment attending glass art conferences around the world and picking up skills.  In Eugene, Oregon we were the top of the glass community and I was Responsible for the education of many who benefitted by my request that was granted to me by the artist, to america by cesere toffolo personally.  As assistant to the Secretary of the Eugene Glass School and served as facilities assistant for 5 years which allowed me to gain the knowledge of hundreds of classes I could not otherwise have afford to have.  After 2003 and Operation Pipedream we were left picking out of a change jar to eat and after years of only thinking about glass, 7 years later., in the barbary coast, on the day my pup lie in my arms for the last time, my new husband came around the corner with my first real torch and re introduction into the glass community.  




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